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i-Fix Implant

i-Fix Implants are conceptualized, designed, and developed under the patronage of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) – NMITLI Program by IIT Delhi (Indian Institute of Technology) and clinically researched by Maulana Azad Institute of Dental Sciences (MAIDS) to prove its Safety and Efficacy – Based on which we received Indian FDA approval and ISO 13485 Quality Certification. 

i-Fix implants are the first Indigenous implant to have USA Patent, received in 2017. 

i-Fix implants are European Standard CE certified.





About i-Fix

i-Fix implants use high-quality titanium alloy Grade 5 ELI (Grade 23) which is biocompatible, superior strength & lightweight. Thus making i-Fix implants comparable to any global brands in terms of superior material quality or advanced manufacturing technique & complaint with the standardized quality control system. It is clinically proven that we have the best dental implants. At Kamal, we have a team, which is dedicated to design and develop new technologies with the use of science. i-Fix implants & prosthetic solutions cater to all clinical scenarios. Our products are reliable and have satisfied customers who are using our products. i-Fix – an Indian Dental implant ensures to provide the global standard product at an affordable price.

At Kamal, we believe in building long-lasting associations with our users and which we have achieved by giving the best service and support to our customers. We have a practice of regular inspection of our products, their quality, and about the services. Quality & Technology used in the manufacturing of the product is at par with any global brand. We have state of art infrastructure and equipment with trained professionals. Along with our dedicated team, we ensure that the end product is of superior quality and we deliver the best-in-class products.


Titanium Dental Implants


Implantology Surgical Kit

“I-Fix represents the ultimate Solution in Dental implantology for maximum functionality in all bones type.”

  • We aim at integrated extensive R&D ,design,processing,manufacturing,and a perfect quality management system to create high quality implants.
  • The vision of Kamal Medtech is to the manufacture niche precision engineered products global quality standards and i-Fix implant system is the first step in this direction


Dr. Abhay Lamba

Dr. Kunal Banka

Dr. Prem Kumar Kariyappa

Why Choose i-Fix

Research Partners

i-Fix Implants is conceptualized, designed, and developed by IIT Delhi(Indian Institute of Technology) and clinically researched by Maulana Azad Institute of Dental Sciences( MAIDS) to prove its Safety and Efficacy – Based on which we got Indian FDA approval and ISO 13485 Quality Certification

Indigenous implant with USA Patent | Made In India

i-Fix implant is the first Indigenous implant to have received USA Patent received in 2017

All Products Are Clinically Tested & Proven

i-Fix Dental Implants have been Clinically tested and proven to have excellent osseointegration. The survival rate of i-Fix implant is 97%.

Advanced Machines & Materials

  • Most advanced state of the art CNC Machines
  • Foremost manufacturing technologies ensure maximum precision
  • Using high-quality titanium alloys (ELl grade)

Clean Room & Packing

  • Best in-class clean room manufacturing & packing facilites
  • Advance cleaning processes at par with global statndards
  • ISO:13485 standard
  • Specialized packing ensuring long term strility


1. What sizes are available in i-Fix implants?

Ans. It is available in diameters-3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 5.0 mm & lengths 7.5, 8.5, 10, 11.5, 13 & 15.

2. What is the history of i-Fix?

Ans. i-Fix was conceptualized, designed & developed by the prestigious IIT Delhi. In 2017 it received an US
patent becoming the only Indian Dental Implant to have an US patent to its credit. In 2017 the transfer
of technology was taken by Kamal Medtech.

3. What is the heritage of Kamal Medtech?

Ans. Kamal Medtech is the Medical Device vertical of Kamal Encon which is a giant in the field of
Hydrocarbon industry since 1973, it is an ISO9001 & an American Petroleum Institute Member company.
It has two manufacturing units in Faridabad & Yamuna Nagar catering to clients from 44 countries.

4. Where is the I-Fix facility located?

Ans. Kamal Medtech is situated in IMT Faridabad in Delhi –NCR region.

5. What are the salient features of i-Fix implants

Ans. i-Fix implant is tapered implant which mimics natural root of the tooth. It has a single prosthetic
platform across all diameters hence making it easy to use & reduces the inventory maintenance for the
clinician. The internal conical connection with hex ensure firm connection between implant abutment
and allows the allows abutment alignment in six positions. It has dual threads, Micro threads on the
collar to reduce stress on the crestal bone & buttress threads on the rest to achieve higher primary

6. What is the surface treatment of i-Fix implants?

Ans. i-Fix has an SLA surface with 3 stage acid etching as compared to the conventional 2 stage which leads
to dual roughness, micro roughness at cortical area and macro roughness in the body of the implant..

7. What is grade of Titanium used in i-Fix implants?

Ans. i-Fix is using Grade V ELI(Extra Low Interstitial)which is currently the preferred grade of medical grade
Ti, being widely used across medical device & aerospace industry owing to its superior resistance to
crack propagation & more compressive and tensile strength.

8. What type of prosthetic connection does i-Fix implants have?

Ans. Dual prosthetic connection with a 12-degree internal conical connection with hex & a conical
connection having a precise fit implant-abutment interface.

9. What is the thread design seen in i-Fix implants?

Ans. The i-Fix implants has 2 types of threads, Micro threads on collar region with surface roughness
.1-.5 ra value & buttress threads on the body with surface roughness 1.2-2 ra value.

10. What prosthetic options are available?

Ans. i-Fix has a wide choice of prosthetic solutions ranging from C-abutment (customizable collar), S-
Abutment, Ti-base, UCLA, temporary, Premill, Ball abutment.

11. What abutment options does i-Fix have for overdenture?

Ans. i-Fix has Ball abutments for overdenture solution..

12. Does i-Fix have solution for All-on-4 concept?

Ans. Yes i-Fix has complete range of components for All-on-4 concept. For Full arch rehabilitation straight,
17, 30 MUA for all on four concepts along with the entire range of required prosthetics.

13. Does the company also have any grafts in their portfolio?

Ans. Yes we do have synthetic graft which Adbone & is available in 2 variants BCP(75%
Hydroxyapatite & 25% ) & TCP(100% Beta Tricalcium Phosphate)).


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