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  • Macro roughness for accelerated osseointegration
  • State of the art surface treatment technology: Increase early bone to implant contact
  • Increased secondary stability
    Clinical Research data of i-Fix implant has shown excellent osseointegration studied by MicroCT and Histomorphometry
  • Shortened healing period

Implant Dimension & Drilling Protocol

Size Table


Dimensions(mm) 6.5 7.5 8.5 10 11.5 13 15



i-Fix Dental Implants have been Clinically tested and proven to have excellent osseointegration. The survival rate of i-Fix implant is 97%.


i-Fix Dental Implants have been Clinically tested and proven to have excellent osseointegration. The survival rate of i-Fix implant is 97%.


For Simplified assembly and confidence for component positioning

  • The implant system has the advantage of having one prosthetic platform for all diameters
  • The implant abutment connection is an internal hex design which provides a rigid connection and stable biological seal
  • Emerging bevel conical connection
  • Precise fit and meticulous tolerances
  • Platform switching incorporated in all connections in order to move the abutment-implant interface away from the bone-implant interface
  • 12°Morse taper creates an optimal seal against bacterial endotoxin leakage, while maintaining excellent retention

Optimized Thread Design

Variable thread design from coronal to apical part allows gradual bone condensation

  • Buttress thread engineered for superior primary stability
  • Enhanced surface area in the ‘cortical bone’ region (top 1.5 mm) with micro threads for lower stress levels
  • Reduction of stresses in bone at both crestal and cancellous level

Advanced Machines & Material

  • Most advanced state of the art CNC Machines
  • Foremost manufacturing technologis ensure maximum precision
  • Using high-quality titanium alloys (ELl grade)

Clean Room & Packing

  • Best in-class clean room manufacturing & packing facilites
  • Advance cleaning processes at par with global statndards
  • ISO:13485 standard
  • Specialized packing ensuring long term strility

Anatomical Tapered Design

For maximum bone volume around implant for improved soft tissue support

  • Allows self‐tapping properties
  • Provides excellent primary stability
  • Rounded ends prevents injury to vital structures
  • Minimal instrumentation‐ all implants can be placed using the same kit


For accelerated and improved osseointegration process

  • Clinically proven Sand blasted, large grit, acid etched (SLA) surface
  • Macro and micro roughness for predictable osseointegration
  • SLA has proven clinical efficacy in early implant loading
  • DUAL rough surface

“I-Fix represents the ultimate Solution in Dental implantology for maximum functionality in all bones type.”

  • We aim at integrated extensive R&D ,design,processing,manufacturing,and a perfect quality management system to create high quality implants.
  • The vision of Kamal Medtech is to the manufacture niche precision engineered products global quality standards and i-Fix implant system is the first step in this direction


Titanium Dental Implant

Ever since the inception of dental implantology, titanium dental implants have been the mainstay of dental implants.
The key discovery of osseointegration by Branemak between Titanium and bone has led to its wide spread usage as a dental implant material.
Since then, a substantial body of scientific and clinical evidence have evolved over time to support a strong understanding of its usage.
In addition, the large range of applications and positive user experiences have produced high levels of confidence in the efficiency of many titanium implants.Moreover, being a pure metal that is sturdy, light in weight, corrosion-resistant and non-toxic has made it a de facto metal of choice for implant manufactures for decades.
Titanium’s biocompatibility stems from its ability to form an impermeable layer of titanium oxide (TiO2) that serves as a deterrent to chemical attacks, particularly from fluids in the human body, as well as due to its low thermal conductivity.
Due to its highest corrosion resistance, commercially pure titanium dental implants are often considered as the most biocompatible dental implants.
Another advantage of titanium dental implant is its longitivity.
On an average with meticulous case planning aproper treatment of a titanium dental implant if well osseo-integrated, lasts for around 20 years. As compared to other counterparts, it is cheaper also that makes it a preferred choice for both dental implantologists and patients.
As no material can be considered universally biocompatible, and thus titanium is not an exception. Although there have been sporadic cases of some allergy with titanium dental implants, however, its extremely rare and occurs due to the degradation products of other metals which are used along with titanium.
Kamal Medtech is pioneer of dental implant materials&hasan excellent track record of producing world-class titanium dental implants. Our dental implants with a unique blend of high performance and reasonable price have made it a preferred choice for dental implantologists and clinicians.

Grade 5 titanium dental implants

In recent years, in spite of the availability of many alternative dental implant materials, titanium dental implants are still most commonly used by dental implantologists and clinicians. Commercially pure titanium available for the dental application comes in four grades, i.e, Grade 1 to 4.
Graded based on its oxygen and iron contents, these elements exert a substantial effect on its mechanical properties. However, commercially pure titaniumwith grade ranges from 1 to 4 is not preferred in areas requiring high stressresistance.
Grade 5 titaniumimplants (Ti-6Al-4V) are the material of choice in such conditions. Although grade5 titanium is commonly used in orthopedics appliances, owing to its superiors mechanical properties and high Young’s modulus, its uses as dental implants in high stress areas are increasing.
Grade 5 titanium dental implants offer similar osseo-integration performance as commercially pure titanium along with better strength and fracture resistance. However, leaching out of vanadium and aluminium rarely leads to allergic reactions as the levels remainwell below those needed to produce toxic effects.

Dual Surface Dental Implant

Dual surface dental implant with the combination of micro and macro surface roughness offers superior osseo-integration along with enhanced biocompatibility.
The surfacemodificationalters the surface topography at micro and nano-level which in turn improves the chemical properties needed for osseo-integration. The dual surface also exerts a positive influence on cell migration and proliferation leading to enhanced bone-implantcontact.
Macro-roughness directly influences implant geometry and improves implant fixation and long-term mechanical stability.
The micro-roughness (1-10microns) optimises the interlocking between the dental implant surface and mineralized bone by increasing the adsorption of proteins and adhesion of osteoblastic cells.
The micro-roughness is obtained by immersing the titanium dental implants for several minutes in a mixture of concentrated hydrochloric and hydro sulphuric acid.
Other methods to produce roughness are sand blasting, plasma spraying, anodization, sputtering etc.
At Kamal Medtech, we produce world class dual surface implants which incorporates micro-roughness on the micro threads and macro roughness on the buttress threads. This design optimises the implant stability and osseo-integration leading to a long-lasting success of our implants.

Indian Dental Implant Manufacturer

Replacement of damaged or lost teeth with dental prostheses assisted by dental implants has been recognized and received encouraging evaluations from patients who have undergone dental implant treatment.
Understanding the current need and choices we at Kamal Medtech are one of the key dental implant manufacturers in India, who have been widely recognized as a trusted brand when it comes to producing world-class dental implants at a reasonable cost. Also, being tagged as the first dental implant manufacturers in India, we take pride of getting USA patent, a marker of our underline commitment of producing dental implants of unmatched premium quality.
Our i-fix Indian dental implant brand has been clinically tested and proven to have excellent osseointegration with a survival rate of 97%.
As a reputed dental implant manufactures in India, we take pride of using premium manufacturing technologies ensuring maximum precision when it comes to providing the best quality of our dental implant products.
Using high-quality titanium alloys (ELI grade) and incorporating manufacturing and cleaning processes at par with global standards (ISO:13485), our titanium dental implants come second to none when it comes to providing quality. Our specialized packing also ensures long term sterility.
We meticulously design, develop, manufacture and market made in India dental implants that stand out in comparison with other Indian dental implants in terms of quality and innovation. We provide cutting edge and innovative dental implants at an extremely affordable price for the common man.
The implantology research and development division of Kamal Medtech in India has pioneered some of the revolutionary research on numerous designs to enable implantologists in India to augment their clinical outcomes
At Kamal Medtech, apart from manufacturing world-class dental implants, we also enable our dentist’s clients pan India and abroad on training, so that, they can offer their patients one of the most necessary treatments in dentistry.

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