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The Stent with Exceptional Flexibility and Ultra-Thin Strut Thickness (65 µm)

Unique stent design together with proven efficacy of Sirolimus drug & Biodegradable polymers resulted into Trackflex with excellent safety & efficacy profile

Sirolimus Drug being more lipophilic than other limus family drug, penetrates rapidly at the target lesion and provides rapid cell inhibitory action. Sirolimus stents are well proven to show less restenosis, stent thrombosis and perprocedural myocardial infraction compared to earlier generation of Drug Eluting Stents.

< 5%


Nearly Zero


1.6 mm

Radial Strength


Sirolimus Eluting Coronary Stent System

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  • Established Sirolimus Efficacy
  • Best-in-Class Deliverability
  • Excellent Side Branch Access
  • Proven blend of Sirolimus & Biodegradable Polymers

Stent Design Features

  • The stent design is uniform having sequential rings throughout the length of the stent, without any design difference at top/bottom of the stent.
  • Cells are arranged uniformly in a single row and the same pattern is followed throughout the stent length.
  • Struts shows a wavy pattern and are not straight.
  • “Elongated N” connectors provides MID struts connections. The “Elongated N” connectors originates from the MID of the struts in the previous row and ends in the mid of the struts in the subsequent row.
  • “Elongated N” Connectors are placed alternatively in intra and inter rows throughout the stent length.

Drug Release Profile

Trackflex has proven drug release kinetics. Initial burst of Sirolimus followed by sustained release up to 30 Days. Biodegradable polymers completely degrades by hydrolysis & enzymatic degradation which is eventually exreted from body in form of CO2 and H2O.

What Makes Trackflex As an Extra Ordinary Cardiac Stent?

Trackflex is the epitome of quality and performance. It offers, excellent flexibility, versatile clinical performance, reduces artery injuries, outstanding Sirolimus drug coating characteristics which deliver the drug in the controlled fashion at the target site, and ultra-thin stent thickness (65 um).

Cobalt Chromium Stent Platform

Meticulously laser cut Cobalt Chromium Stent proves to be an ideal platform for DES, contributing to high flexibility, conformability, unidirectional expansion with no edge flaring and minimum recoil.


Meticulously laser cut Cobalt Chromium Stent proves to be an ideal platform for DES, contributing to high flexibility, conformability, unidirectional expansion with no edge flaring and minimum recoil.

Sirolimus Drug

The cytostatic drug, inhibits blood vessel restenosis by limiting the proliferation of smooth muscle cells

PTCA Balloon Catheter

Drug coated stent is mounted on the balloon portion of PTCA Balloon Catheter, the latter assists in stent positioning & dilatation. The Ultra-low profile, excellent cross ability and flexible tip of PTCA balloon Catheter help entire stent system to achieve its expected clinical outcomes.

Stent Specification

Design: Open Cell Stent Design

Material: Cobalt Chromium (CoCr) L605

Length (mm): 8, 13, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 36, 40, 43, & 47

Diameter (mm): 2.00, 2.25, 2.50, 2.75, 3.00,

3.50, 4.00 & 4.50

Strut Dimensions: Thickness 65 um | Strut 70 um | Connectors 50 um

Nominal Pressure (NP): 9 atm


Crossing Profile: Nearly 1.00 mm

Min. Guidewire Diameter: 0.014”

Min. Guiding Catheter I.D.: 5 Fr Compatible

Radial Strength: Excellent

Flexibility: Excellent

Rated Burst Pressure (RBP): 16 atm

Foreshortening: Nearly Zero

Ordering Information

Stent Length (mm)
Diameter (mm) 8 13 16 20 24 28 32 36 40 43 47
2.00 TF20008 TF20013 TF20016 TF20020 TF20024 TF20028 TF20032 TF20036 TF20040 TF20043 TF20047
2.25 TF22508 TF22513 TF22516 TF22520 TF22524 TF22528 TF22532 TF22536 TF22540 TF22543 TF22547
2.50 TF25008 TF25013 TF25016 TF25020 TF25024 TF25028 TF25032 TF25036 TF25040 TF25043 TF25047
2.75 TF27508 TF27513 TF27516 TF27520 TF27524 TF27528 TF27532 TF27536 TF27540 TF27543 TF27547
3.00 TF30008 TF30013 TF30016 TF30020 TF30024 TF30028 TF30032 TF30036 TF30040 TF30043 TF30047
3.50 TF35008 TF35013 TF35016 TF35020 TF35024 TF35028 TF35032 TF35036 TF35040 TF35043 TF35047
4.00 TF40008 TF40013 TF40016 TF40020 TF40024 TF40028 TF40032 TF40036 TF40040 TF40043 TF40047
4.50 TF45008 TF45013 TF45016 TF45020 TF45024 TF45028 TF45032 TF45036 TF45040 TF45043 TF45047

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