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  • 01

    Single Prosthetic Platform across all diameters of implants

  • 02

    The coronal portion in i-Fix 4/4.5 &5mm implants has back taper which allows maximum bone volume around the implants

  • 03

    Buttress Thread for better load dissipation

  • 04

    Tapered Body mimics the natural anatomic profile of tooth

  • 05

    Sharper Cutting Edge

  • Connection
  • Optimized Thread Design
  • Anatomical Tapered Design
  • Surface


For simplified assembly and confidence for component positioning.
  • The implant system has the advantage of having one prosthetic platform for all diameters
  • The implant abutment connection is an internal hex design which provides a rigid connection and stable biological seal.
  • Emerging bevel conical connection
  • Precise fit and meticulous tolerances
  • Platform switching incorporated in all connections in order to move the abutment-implant interface away from the bone-implant interface
  • 12 Degree Morse taper creates an optimal seal against bacterial endotoxin leakage, while maintaining excellent retention

Optimized Thread Design

Variable thread design from coronal to apical part allow gradual bone condensation
  • Buttress thread engineered for superior primary stability
  • The Coronal back Taper for Enhanced soft and Hard tissue integration.
  • Reduction of stress in bone at both crestal and cancellous level.

Anatomical Tapered Design

For maximum bone volume around implant for improved soft tissue support
  • Allow self-tapping properties
  • Provides excellent primary stability
  • Flat tip for better engagement
  • Minimal instrumentation-all implants can be placed using the same kit


For accelerated and improved osseointegration process
  • Clinical proven Sand blasted, large grit, acid etched (SLA) Surface
  • Macro roughness for predictable osseointegration
  • SLA has proven clinical efficacy in early implant loading

Size Table

Length (mm)

Dimensions(mm) 6.5 7.5 8.5 10 11.5 13 15
3.5 No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
4 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
4.5 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
5.0 Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No

Prefabricated Abutments

Single Unit Restoration
Screw Retained



Cement Retained


Shoulder Abutment

Angled Abutment

TiBase Hex

Multiple Unit
Screw Retained



Cement Retained

Shoulder Non Hex

Tibase Non Hex

Edentulous Solution
Screw Retained

Multiunit Abutment

Cement Retained

Ball Abutment

Locator Abutment

Smart Surgical Kit


  • Drills
  • Stoppers
  • Depth Gauge
  • Drill Extender
  • Implant Drivers

Clinical Cases

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