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Kamal’s Healthcare Vertical is an extension of our commitment for “a better tomorrow for all” and inherits the same DNA of commitment to quality and continuous functional enhancement through innovation.

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State-of-The-Art Manufacturing Facility for Medical Devices.

Kamal has commissioned 50,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art manufacturing facility at Delhi-NCR. The facility has been built as per International Standard ISO 13485.

Kamal’s dedicated and qualified workforce, through Amalgamation of innovation and Technology, has enabled introduction of world class quality Products and Devices which have found ready acceptance and sustained support across a broad spectrum of users worldwide. Our Healthcare vertical is committed to your success with Best in Class Medical Devices.

All Production process and Testing facilities (Microbiology, physico chemical and drug related studies) of drug eluting stent has been established at single site which resulted in superior product quality.

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Our Products

Our Philosophy includes providing World Class Quality of product as an outcome of Cutting Edge research & Technology, which conforms to international and regulatory norms

Happy Doctors

Our Clients send us bunch of smiles with our services and we love them.

Doctor.. Let me introduce to you, this Implant.. I-Fix .. Completely designed and manufactured in India . .!! ” I was so longing to hear this since I started with my Implant practice 5 years ago .. ! Dr Neeta from the company then briefed me about the product.. and we finalized it almost immediately.. Placing an Implant with a Make In India Label was a proud feeling..! I was a bit skeptical about my patients accepting a Make in India implant, as most of them have been asking for a foreign based implant company.!

The prosthetics is simple.. Not too many inventories to invest.. Saves on my finances too .. The outcome has been fantastic with this implant.. And day by day . . With regular follow-ups, this implant proves to be a mighty one .. which is here to stay for long . . !! The team behind this product truly deserves to be appreciated .. ! If you all are looking at something, which is value for money.. Its “I-Fix” .. !!

Dr. Harshil Mehta

MDS Prosthodontics & Implantology

Hello Everyone. This is Dr. Naisargi Shah, a Prosthodontist practicing Implantology since about 12 years now. I have started using I-Fix implants since their launch in 2018. Initially, I was using them only for single tooth replacements but slowly started incorporating them in all types of prosthodontic combinations in different situations. I like I-Fix implants because of their design, availability of a wide range of sizes as well as prosthetic components. This allows me to choose different treatment options for my patients.

One of the biggest attractions of this system is, it is completely manufactured in India under the “Make in India” initiative. It is comparable to all known implant systems The research team is so active that they are constantly upgrading the system by adding all possible size, abutments, and other components to make it more user’s friendly and according to Indian patients’ requirements. Let’s be vocal about local Wishing Good Luck to I-Fix System…

Dr. Naisargi Shah

Prosthodontist practicing Implantology

Maxillary full arch using six i-fix implantsMaxillary first premolar immediate extraction placement. The implant system is very comprehensive and easy to use. The drills are sharp and precise. The implants have a good tactile feel during placement and the surgical protocol is very simple. The threads engage the bone very well giving good initial primary stability. I must compliment I fix on producing a very comprehensive and ease of use system that too made in India!

Thanks & regards
Dr Amish Shah
Practicing since 2010

Dr. Amish Shah

Using I fix implants since 2019 Cases done

Hello friends I am Dr. Gaurav p Shetty practicing Airoli and Mulund since 2013. I am using i-fix since its launch in Mumbai at ISOI 2019. I have used ifix in almost many types of cases like single lost tooth or completely edentulous casessocket shield etc the most important thing I like about I fix is the simplicity of use and design .also the tech support is excellent by the team.

They were always around to help me with any prosthetic or surgical problems with handy solutions Also I feel that since our dental economy is very low due to the worldwide corona pandemic there should be a conscious effort by all the doctors to promote more of made in India products like i-fix and do their bit for our country do that we all bounce back together as a team . Kudos to Team i-Fix.

Dr. Gaurav Shetty

Airoli and Mulund since 2013

Having placed and restored other implant systems for fifteen years, with all the complexities and costs involved, i-Fix definitely gets a thumbs up. The design of the implant makes for ease in the surgical placement and the abutments afford unsurpassed restorative flexibility. The simplicity and cost-effectiveness of this implant system will convince many budding dentists and future implantologists who previously did not include implant dentistry in their practice to take it up more seriously. My referrals have increased tremendously, my patients are happier and accept implants as standard practice.

The support from the people at i-Fix has been impressive; they are energetic and truly supportive and troubleshooting was never more easier in my implantology practice.

Dr. Mohammad Faisal

Implantology Practice