From the time of using hammer and chisel to take out teeth to using artificial intelligence, dentistry has traversed through various technological advancements. Some of the major technological advancements include:

  • Artificial intelligence: In dentistry, artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming more widely used, particularly in diagnostic tools. AI systems can make an accurate diagnosis based on the symptoms presented. Artificial intelligence (AI) is capable of learning and interpreting patterns in order to provide the most likely diagnosis in any given situation. They are more reliable due to their consistency and precision.
  • Teledentistry: It a branch of dentistry that provides dental using telecommunications technology. By using various types of media (e.g., video), dentists may examine patient data and offer real-time treatment recommendations to patients sitting far off. Teledentistry has risen in popularity in recent years, especially during pandemics.
  • Digital dentistry: In the past, patients had to trust the dentist’s judgement and hope for the best. Because of 3D printing, digital visualisation, and communication between the dentist, patient, and dental laboratory, digital dentistry has become a particularly efficient foundation for interdisciplinary dental teams.
  • Laser dentistry: Lasers are currently utilised to fill cavities, alleviate tooth sensitivity, remove malignancies, and whiten teeth, among other things. It is quick and painless, with no difficulties or issues.
  • Invisalign: The invisible braces are a good alternative to the regular braces that were previously utilised. These plastic high-quality braces are effective and come with a number of advantages thanks to custom-designed advanced imaging technology.
  • Augmented reality: It is a cooperative experience of a real-world setting in which computer-generated perceptual information enhances the things in the real world. It is currently utilised to instruct students by displaying procedures and providing opportunities for them to practise.