Since the invention of the dental implant, it has captured the attention of numerous dental practitioners and implantologists. Although dental implants are widely used in India, very few dental implant manufacturers in India make them indigenously. The majority of dental implants used in India are made outside of India. Although some of them have good properties they are often out of reach of the common man owing to their high price. Also, some may require specific conditions for its application which might preclude its widespread usage in Indian implantologists and clinicians.

What is Dental Implant? Why it’s So Important?

Missing teeth has long been associated with functional, cosmetic, and psychological morbidity. In the light of various advancements in dental prosthetic materials, the dental implant has emerged as the most sought-after method for permanent tooth replacement. The sheer concept of metal osseointegration with bone has enthralled many dental practitioners since it eliminates numerous long-standing difficulties that patients identify with a removable partial denture or fixed partial denture while seeking therapy for tooth replacement. Various researchers have shown that dental implants can be considered as a near-natural successor for the lost tooth. Being cost-effective, having a better aesthetic, better biocompatibility, and longevity make them a popular choice.

With the high incidence of dental caries and periodontal dental disorders, the number of patients with tooth loss is predicted to expand rapidly in the near future in India, which will soon be the most populated state in the world.

Kamal Medtech | Dental Implant Manufacturer In India

Keeping the need of dental implants trend and need In India, Kamal Medtech, who has been a proven success for cardiac stent manufacturer, has also emerged as a key manufacturer of dental implants in India. Kamal Medtech’s i-fix implant aims to offer a comprehensive range of the best Indian dental implants that give cost-effective options for manufacturing world-class dental implant products of the highest quality and clinical importance. The implantology research and development division of Kamal Medtech in India has pioneered some of the revolutionary research on numerous technologies and materials used in dental implantology to enable implantologists in India to augment their clinical outcomes. The dental implants created are a one-of-a-kind combination of exceptional performance and low cost, making it a popular choice among dental implantologists and clinicians. Since its beginning, Kamal Medtech has achieved considerable progress, establishing itself as a prominent manufacturer of dental implants in India and generating new levels of efficiency, assuring continuing ability to serve patients at reasonable prices.

I-Fix | Indian Dental Implant Brand

In recent years, i-Fix dental implants have excelled and made a big impression among renowned dental specialists in India. Because of its high success record in terms of survival, it has piqued the interest of many renowned dentists in India. As the pioneer of dental implant manufacturers in India, it has earned a high level of confidence from its competitors throughout the years. In addition, when compared to other Indian dental implant rivals, i-Fix dental implants offer best in class dental implant product with a superior cost-to-quality ratio. It was designed by IIT Delhi, FDA-approved, ISO 13485-certified, and European Standard CE certified.recommended by the prominent Maulana Azad Institute of Dental Sciences in New Delhi. Above all, it is the first dental implant in India to be granted patent protection in the United States.

With a success and survival rate of more than 97 percent, it provides an excellent solution that is cost-effective, making it one of the most popular Indian dental implant brands among prominent dental professionals and implantologists in India and throughout the world. Furthermore, it uses a very high-quality ELI grade titanium alloy, ensuring high strength enabling its indication for various clinical scenarios.

Clinical success and long-term sterility, making it one of the best, if not the finest, dental implants in India.