Loss of teeth comes with functional and aesthetic implications. Among the various treatment modalities available today to replace lost teeth, dental implants lead the race when it comes to providing long-lasting and cost-effective options. However, as compared to other non-invasive or minimally invasive procedures dental implant is placed following a surgical procedure which as like any other surgical procedure comes with some postoperative complications. Most of the complications are part and parcel of a surgical procedures like swelling, inflammation, bleeding which subsides with adequate intra-operative and post-operative measures. However, some may last longer. Therefore, dental implant surgery recovery will depend on a multitude of factors which are both patient and clinician related.

What is dental implant surgery?

To comprehend how long will it take for dental implant surgery recovery, it is necessary to first comprehend what they are. Dental implant surgery involves using synthetic materials such as screw-like posts or metals to replace a tooth’s which are inserted into bone post creating a space in bone using surgical procedure.

The implant type used and the status of the bony architecture of your jawbone determine how dental implant surgery is carried out. During dental implant surgery various procedures are carried out. The key advantage of dental implants is that they offer stable support for your new teeth, results from bone healing securely around the implant. Because bone remodeling takes time, it can take weeks to months to complete.

How long it takes to recover from dental implant surgery?

The typical time taken in dental implant surgery recovery is around 6 to 8 months; however, this might vary based on any pre-existing conditions or special procedures that must be completed before the surgery.